Group Expectations & Guidelines

What to Wear

The Bright Horizons group asks that all participants wear appropriate clothing, shoes, and weather appropriate gear (including sunscreen and bug spray when applicable). We encourage participants to express their individuality, but to do so in a manner appropriate for an educational setting.


An adult family member or guardian will be required to stay the full duration of the meet up.

All children and parents/guardians are expected to show respect for members, guests, and the facilities we visit. Disruptive or dangerous behaviors and physical aggression will not be tolerated. Disrespectful behavior, foul or hurtful language and violence toward fellow group members and guests will not be tolerated. Bullying of any type, whether physical or emotional, will not be tolerated. No weapons, e-cigs, tobacco, drugs, or alcohol allowed. Any repeat offenses may result in removal from the Bright Horizons Secular group.


For the well-being of your child and the safety of other children, if your child should show any of the following symptoms below during gatherings, please do not attend the group activities.

• Lice (must be treated and free of lice, nits, and eggs for 24 hours before returning to the group)
• Severe/ persistent coughing
• Sore throat
• Fever of 100° F or higher
• Severe headache
• Ringworm
• Other contagious illnesses
• Skin lesions/open lesions
• Open wounds/severe cuts
• Transmittable rashes

Please do not attend if in the past 24 hours, your household has been exposed to any communicable/contagious illness.

We will follow any additional guidelines published by the CDC for illnesses including those for Covid-19.

Cancellation/Inclement Weather
Notice will be given ASAP via the Facebook page.